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French military surplus uniform sleeve flag band MAC V SOG Vietnam special forces subdued patch
French army flag arm bandMAC V SOG subdued patch

Genuine French army surplus flag patch uniform arm band

Vietnam era special forces MAC V SOG olive drab and black subdued patch



Multicam camouflage military uniform sleeve US flag set POW MIA logo embroidered patch
Multicam sleeve flag setPOW MIA logo patch

Genuine Multicam camouflage left and right velcro sleeve US flag set

Black and white embroidered POW MIA memorial patch



U.S. Army 1st cavalry division class A uniform patch U.S. Army logo round embroidered patch
U.S. 1st cavalry patchU.S. Army logo patch

Class A uniform U.S. Army 1st cavalry division shoulder patch

United States Army DOD seal logo round embroidered patch



U.S. Navy logo round embroidered patch USMC logo embroidered round patch
U.S. Navy logo patchUSMC logo round patch

Embroidered United States Navy logo round patch

Embroidered round United State Marine Corps logo patch



Vietnam Veteran embroidered patch Patch Attach brand patch to fabric adhesive
Vietnam Veteran patchPatch Attach adhesive *

Multi color embroidered large Vietnam Veteran patch

Patch Attach brand liquid fabric and quick patch adhesive



Russian army surplus Soviet era communist hat pin CSA civil war large size 3 foot by 5 foot polyester flag
Russian Soviet era hat pinCSA 3 by 5 polyester flag

Communist Soviet era Russian army surplus metal hat pin new

Confederate states polyester flag 3 foot by 5 foot size



1 - 12 of 18 items